The Age of Marriage, Part Two: His

This has taken me a while to post, I know.  A while back I posted about my own experience with being on “the young side” of marriage; you can read that here.  I posted with stars in my eyes and a promise that my husband’s experience with being on the opposite side of the “average age” would come forthwith.  Surely, I thought, he had something to say on the matter, some things he noticed, things that annoyed him.

I forgot that I married an antisocial hermit.  Nothing bothers him.  No one said anything to him.



So, what’s a blogger to do when she promises a post and can’t deliver?  The only thing I can do: draw on my own experiences.  Over the last few years, I have had people say one thing in particular to me, about my husband’s lack of interest in marriage until I came along, which I think I’ll share with you.

“We were starting to think he’d never get married!”  This was said in so many different ways, honestly.  It was always with a laugh, but with way too much truth ringing behind it.  He’d been given up on.  There was actually a running joke with my brother-in-law that, should anything happen to him, my husband would marry his widow, but some people actually took it as fact – that’s how convinced people were that he wouldn’t marry.  When Frozen came out, I’d often say that my husband’s family was like Kristoff’s Troll family: “He’s brought a giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirl!”  It was true, though – people thought of him as the perpetual bachelor, the cool uncle, or the jerk at work.

That’s really all I noticed.  Sorry this wasn’t longer! 😦  Thanks so much for stopping by, and as always, have a good one! 🙂


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