Mom Life: Why I Halved My Wardrobe

Hey yall!  Yesterday on the vlog, I talked about my wardrobe choices (you can read the corresponding blog post HERE), and I mentioned that I planned to go through all of my clothes and pare everything down.  This post is actually going to be a kind of behind-the-scenes look into why I did this, which was basically by asking myself a few questions and going from there.  If you’re interested in picking my brain, or maybe you’re just looking for your own motivation, keep reading.

Why start this whole thing at all?

Well, I’d been asked quite a few times about my style choices.  I don’t think it was malicious in any way, but it comes down to that first impression, and on the outside, I tick a lot of boxes for a specific category of person:

  • Young mom (I was 21 when I had my son),
  • Young wife (married at 21),
  • Stay-at-home mom,
  • Wears skirts all the time,
  • Wears hair long.

Seeing it listed out like that actually made me realize: wow, I really do give off an impression of living my life a certain way, and I can see how it might be alienating to some people.  My posts were simply a way for me to clear up any misconceptions, hopefully in a way that wasn’t abrasive to anyone in particular. 🙂

Why cut down my wardrobe?

Honestly, for the videos.  No, really.  Over the last few years, ever since I started phasing pants out of my daily life, I’ve been removing items of clothing from my closet on a pretty regular basis.  This was just one of those times, and it was borne out of the idea for a video.  It also came from the knowledge that I’ve moved into a sort of “uniformity” in my wardrobe – I found myself wearing the same skirts about once a week or so, the same shirts about once a every two weeks, the same dresses, the same sweaters and cardigans, and there were items of clothing in my closet that I hadn’t touched in over a year.

Now, I originally planned on moving into a capsule wardrobe, and maybe I will in the future, but as I started going through my things, I realized that I really do wear a lot of the clothes that I have, and as such, it would be pretty pointless (at least for me) to remove them.

Do I plan on continuing this, perhaps with the parts of my wardrobe that I didn’t bring on camera?

No.  My PJs, underthings, and leggings aren’t really that interesting, trust me.

What if I regret this, or what if I just toss it in a bag and let it rot somewhere in my house?

I actually donated everything the day after I filmed, thanks in large part to a local clothing bank that constantly needs inventory.  I knew they’d accept it, and I knew that if it stayed too long, I’d pull things out and back into my closet, basically undoing all of my work.

Lastly, do I plan on keeping my wardrobe small?

Not particularly?  I mean, if I find an item of clothing I really like, I’ll get it.  If I wear it a lot, I’ll keep it.  If I don’t, then I’ll donate it.  If I wear it at the expense of another item, I’ll decide which I prefer more after a few weeks, and donate the one I like the least.  I don’t have a set amount of clothing I want to own, I just want to make sure I like and I wear what I have, you know?

Well, that’s really it for the behind the scenes.  If there’s anything you want to know that I’ve missed, please let me know, and if you’ve decided to declutter your closet because of me, please drop a comment down below or let me know on my vlog.  Thanks for stopping by, and as always, have a good one!  🙂